Browser, E-mail, and PDF Reader Requirements

This system will operate more effectively with the most current versions of the following supported browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

This system will operate more effectively with the most current version of Acrobat Reader as well. Please take the time to update your software.


When you run the setup program for your browser, take the defaults to insure common utilities are available. Most importantly, make sure your browser allows JavaScript. You will not be able to venture past the initial page without JavaScript enabled.

You must also allow Cookies. Our program writes a cookie to your system that is active until you log out. This cookie lets the system know you are a registered user and it is a security feature for the data contained in the system. The cookie is deactivated once you log out and you will receive a new one the next time you log in.

To enable JavaScript in IE 7.0

  • From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options... .
  • Click the Security tab.
  • Click Custom Level... .
  • Scroll to the "Scripting" section of the list. Click Disable or Enable.
  • Close and restart your browser.
  • To turn on cookies using Internet Explorer you can do the following:
    Go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Privacy (Tab) --> and then move the slider to Accept All Cookies.

    Internet Explorer Information Bar in Windows XP SP2 An added security feature was recently included with Windows XP service pack 2 that eliminates downloading files to your computer. You may encounter this Information Bar stating the following: To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for more options... When you click on a link to view the pdf or source file of a manuscript, you are downloading the file to a temporary location on your pc to view it.

    There are two ways you can work around this, you can right click on the link to the pdf or source file and "Save Target As" and save the file to your pc then view it. Or you can add this web site as a safe site to download files from. To do this, you need to first open internet explorer and go to the site http://websiteurl and log into the site.

  • Once there, click on the Tools menu option in this browser.
  • Next, select the Internet Options.
  • In the pop up box click on the Security tab and highlight the Trusted Sites icon.
  • Then click on the Sites button and add the url to the trusted sites for http://websiteurl and click the Add button. This will in the future allow you to download the files temporarily to view them in a new browser window.

  • The following Microsoft article explains this new feature in the security pak as well as related topics for the Internet Explorer Information Bar

    You may also want to find out if there are file size restrictions set by your provider. If you are attempting to submit large figure files, your provider may not allow them to be transmitted all at once. If you experience this problem, inquire what the limits are and send small "filler" files for your initial submission. When those initial manuscript files have been uploaded and converted, you will have the option to replace each file individually. At this time, you can replace the "filler" files with the larger figure files. This is also an option if you have a slow connection. You will also have the option to add/upload additional files.


    We test the software using Qualcomm Eudora and Microsoft Outlook. The system sends text-based messages with embedded html links. Some e-mail programs wrap text, possibly introducing a line break in the middle of a link. If the link is broken, you will be sent to the login page, instead of to the manuscript, because security keys are built into those links. Make sure the entire link appears in your browser's address line. If it does not, carefully copy and paste the entire link into the address line to continue.

    Acrobat Reader

    Acrobat Reader is a free software program available from Adobe. The most current version at this time is 5.0. Please update your version of Acrobat Reader before attempting to view PDF files on this site.

    Recommended Utilities for PC users) for Mac users) Viewer)